An Insurance Policy for Your Urgent Care?

The modern day urgent care has a menagerie of patient satisfiers: coffee stations, magazines, TVs, and of course fish tanks. The goal is simple: keeping patients comfortable and happy so they return in the future. Let’s dig into the numbers to see why InstyMeds might be a good fit for your facility.

According to Urgent Care Quarterly’s 2019 report: 

  • A mature urgent cares see an average of 33 visits per day
  • The average reimbursement per visit is $124.
  • This amounts to approximately $125,000 in revenue every month.

This means that for an average facility, InstyMeds amounts to an investment of about 1% of monthly revenue.

For 1%, your patients get the convenience of point of care dispensing.

For 1%, your facility experiences amazing patient satisfaction numbers. This means return visits and organic growth.

For 1%, your patients don’t go to retail pharmacies that aggressively market their own medical services, and try to steal your patients.

InstyMeds isn’t just an investment, it’s an insurance policy your facility should consider today!

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