InstyMeds Technology

The InstyMeds Dispensing System consists of intricate technology and solutions to ensure safe and reliable prescription drug dispensing.

  • Intuitive for easy patient use
  • Medication inventory is automatically tracked and maintained
  • Dispenser holds over 1000 prepackaged medications in a variety of different container sizes

Inside of InstyMeds

The impressive technology that makes InstyMeds function has an uptime of 99.86%.  See what the inside of the InstyMeds dispenser looks like.

Triple Barcode Check System

By using a patented triple barcode check, InstyMeds is able to ensure that only the correct medication gets dispensed each and every time and eliminates the risk of human error.

  • Barcode Check 1: The barcode on the cardboard sleeve is scanned.
  • Barcode Check 2: The barcode on the medication container is scanned.
  • Barcode Check 3: The barcode on the label that is applied to the medication is scanned.

Error-Proof Restock Process

By using barcodes, InstyMeds tracks what medications are in the machine at all times.  If a medication is placed incorrectly, InstyMeds will not dispense that medication since it will not pass all three barcode checks.

InstyMeds Prescription Writer

A web based portal that allows health care providers to create prescription orders for the InstyMeds dispenser.

Client Management Portal

A web based portal that allows users to manage and administer different aspects of their health care business while utilizing the InstyMeds dispensing system.

InstyMeds Interface Engine

Allows for inbound and outbound interfaces with third party vendors.

Surescripts Certified

InstyMeds is Surescripts certified to receive prescriptions via the Surescripts network. 


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