Automated Medication Dispensing System

InstyMeds is much more than a machine plugged into a wall.  InstyMeds is an entire outpatient pharmacy logistics system.

Logistics included:

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Logistic Descriptions:

InstyMeds Prescription Medication Dispenser
A fully automated, ATM-style prescription medication dispenser that allows your patients to receive their prescription medications right there at the point-of-care.

Dispenser Maintenance
Routine maintenance checks are performed on the InstyMeds dispenser and InstyMeds engineers are dispatched if a problem arises.

InstyMeds Prescription Writer or EMR Integration
The InstyMeds Prescription Writer is a web-based application used to send a prescription order directly to the InstyMeds dispenser.  The prescription order can also be sent to the InstyMeds system using your facility's EMR.

Medication Packaging and Shipping
The medication inventory for the InstyMeds dispenser is prepackaged and purchased from the VAWD accredited InstyMeds Pharmacy.  Medication replenishments are automatically sent to your facility for restocking when supplies in the dispenser reach a predetermined level.

Inventory Management
InstyMeds tracks medication inventory and dispensing history without any manual efforts.  This real-time tracking allows InstyMeds to track medication usage, automatically ship inventory replenishments, and monitor expiration dates.

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Formulary Management
InstyMeds will monitor medication levels to make sure that the medication formulary meets the needs of the providers and patients.

State Mandated Reporting
InstyMeds handles the controlled substance reports required by the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, or other state required reporting, on behalf of the facility.

Payment Processing
InstyMeds determines the patient's insurance co-pay or the cost of the medication and processes the patient's credit card or debit card on behalf of your facility.

Secure Medication Storage
Medications are stored within the InstyMeds dispenser to ensure all prescription medication is stored in a locked, central location.  To ensure further security, the 24 hour InstyMeds Call Center is immediately notified if a dispenser network connection has been lost.

Pharmacist Services
InstyMeds staffed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are available to answer any questions the patient may have in regards to their medication.  These services are available to patients at both the time of medication retrieval or after they leave your facility.

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Insurance Adjudication
Through the use of an HL7 interface, patient information is transferred to the InstyMeds application which allows InstyMeds to obtain insurance approval. The insurance co-pay is determined by the time the patient reaches the InstyMeds dispenser.

If there is an insurance issue or question, an InstyMeds Call Center representative may communicate with the patient via the phone on the InstyMeds dispenser. 

If a patient does not have prescription benefits, a cash price will be calculated.  The healthcare facility does have the option to provide the prescription medications at no cost to the patient (compassionate care).

24/7 Call Center
The InstyMeds dispenser has a direct dial telephone that immediately connects patients to the 24 hour InstyMeds Call Center, staffed by pharmacy technicians and pharmacists. The Call Center provides answers to patients' questions regarding their medication, how to use the dispenser and insurance coverage. 

Dedicated Clinical Specialist
Your facility's go-to person at InstyMeds for assistance with managing the InstyMeds dispenser and logistics.

Comprehensive Reporting
The real-time inventory tracking allows reports to be created to gauge InstyMeds usage and other internal reporting needs your facility may have.

IT Services
Technical assistance is provided to ensure that all InstyMeds connections are communicating with the necessary technical equipment.

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