Medications For On-Site Health Clinics

Reduce Company Costs and Save Employee Time!

The InstyMeds system provides employees their acute prescription medications without the hassle of leaving work and making a special trip to a pharmacy. Companies of all sizes will be able to offer employees convenient access to acute prescription medications at their on-site health clinic.

Maximizes Workforce Productivity
Employees won't have to take time off work to go to an outside pharmacy and spend more than 30 minutes waiting. They can conveniently receive their acute medications on-site and be on their way to feeling better, quicker.

Improves Employee Health
Dispensing prescriptions quickly and conveniently on-site ensures your employees are more likely to follow their treatment plan.

Save Health Clinic Staff Time
InstyMeds is a fully-automated, ATM-style dispensing system. The health clinic staff will be able to focus on other patient care duties, knowing that InstyMeds is safely dispensing the medications to the patient.

Complements Existing Pharmacy
InstyMeds safely dispenses acute medications, freeing up pharmacists to assist other patients and deal with more complex issues.

A Cost Effective Alternative
It is very expensive to run a pharmacy staffed by pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Many smaller companies find they cannot afford such a service. InstyMeds serves as an affordable alternative.

Reduces Healthcare Costs
Help your employees to stay healthy. Assure they have access to affordable, convenient care and readily available prescription medications, allowing them to return to work immediately.

Guarantees Safety
Medications are dispensed from the InstyMeds dispenser using a triple bar code safety check system that ensures the correct medication is always dispensed.

Contact InstyMeds today and learn how safe, effective, affordable, and profitable InstyMeds can be for you!

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