Medication Dispensing for Occupational Health Patients

A Profitable Solution

The InstyMeds system is the solution for occupational health providers. Our revolutionary system provides all the benefits of physician dispensing, while providing your health care facility with the tools to become more profitable.

Increase Revenue Stream
Enjoy revenue opportunities with as few as 7 dispenses per day. In addition, you will see a positive impact on your bottom line through a growing patient base, time savings, and efficiency.

Attract New Patients
Given the choice between instant access to your prescription using InstyMeds or a time consuming trip to the pharmacy, patients choose the facility that offers the most convenience.

Gain a Competitive Edge
By providing choice and convenience, you add value to the patient experience. Offering InstyMeds will develop a buzz in your community to ensure patients will choose you.

Save Staff Time
The InstyMeds fully automated system allows staff to concentrate on other patient care responsibilities.

The InstyMeds system:

  • Processes payments
  • Adjudicates insurance (if applicable)
  • Labels medication
  • Performs triple bar code check
  • Dispenses directly to patients
  • Tracks inventory
  • Plus more!
The InstyMeds 24-hour call center is available to answer questions from patients on medication, insurance, or dispenser use.


Simplify Billing
With InstyMeds real-time automated inventory tracking and reporting, it's simple and quick to produce reports for your worker's comp billing.

Enhance patient care!

Patients receive medication at the point-of-care rather than waiting an average of 30 minutes (often when sick or injured) at a pharmacy.

Pharmacy services are difficult for patients to obtain during evenings, weekends, and holidays, or for those with transportation barriers.

Medications are dispensed from the InstyMeds dispenser using a triple bar code check system that ensures the correct medication is always dispensed.

In today's highly competitive environment, don't leave patient satisfaction to chance. Strive to ensure long-term patient loyalty through the service InstyMeds provides. Contact InstyMeds today and learn how safe, effective, affordable, and profitable InstyMeds can be for you!

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