Outpatient Medication Dispensing for Hospitals

Save Staff Time and Money!

The InstyMeds system is the solution for hospital emergency departments to offer patients their acute prescription medication 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our revolutionary system provides this patient convenience without any extra work for your staff.

Reduces Staff Workload
With the InstyMeds system, staff is free to concentrate on other patient care responsibilities.  Once the prescription is prescribed using the InstyMeds Prescription Writer, InstyMeds will handle the rest.

Eliminates Starter Doses
Hospitals lose tens of thousands of dollars giving out starter doses to patients.  With InstyMeds, patients can obtain their full prescription directly from the dispenser.

Complements existing pharmacy
InstyMeds safely performs outpatient dispensing functions freeing up pharmacists to assist other patients and deal with more complex issues.

Decreases Pharmacy Callbacks
InstyMeds will reduce the number of callbacks to prescribing physicians due to formulary rejections and handwriting interpretation questions.  This will save the practice $5-$7 per call according to a 1999 study by the Institute of Medicine.

Improves Health Outcomes
Dispensing prescriptions quickly and conveniently at the point-of-care will improve medication compliance and eliminate handwriting errors.

Enhance patient care!

Patients receive medication at the point-of-care rather than waiting an average of 30 minutes (often when sick or injured) at a pharmacy.

Pharmacy services are difficult for patients to obtain during evenings, weekends, and holidays, or for those with transportation barriers.

Medications are dispensed from the InstyMeds dispenser using a triple bar code safety check system that ensures the correct medication is always dispensed.


"Once we had the InstyMeds dispenser installed, the patients loved it. They had a means of getting their prescriptions without having to stop at a pharmacy on the way home. And it provided that extra bit of patient care that we weren’t able to provide before."

- Wayne Wandmacher, Director of Pharmacy
North Memorial Medical Center

Contact InstyMeds today and learn how safe, effective, affordable, and profitable InstyMeds can be for you!

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