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To contact the 24-hour InstyMeds Call Center, call 1-866-306-3502.



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Reminder: InstyMeds is for everyone!

InstyMeds is not just for patients to use when pharmacies are closed or there is 3 feet of snow on the ground. Providing convenient access to prescription medications with InstyMeds is a beneficial service for patients no matter what the circumstance is.

"When I needed my meds I was extremely ill. Not having to go to the pharmacy and wait for my antibiotic was fantastic! I would MUCH prefer getting my meds this way! It's awesome!"


"I think InstyMeds is the best thing the hospitals could have got. It saves time by not having to go to the local pharmacy."



Success Stories


"A patient had me fax the prescription to a retail pharmacy. When she got there, they told her it would be a 3 hour wait! She came right back to our clinic to receive the prescription from the InstyMeds Dispenser. Awesome."

- Lori, Colorado Springs, CO


"My daughter was very sick last week, and I was able to use the dispenser for 4 different Rx’s. It was awesome! We were done in about 5 minutes. I will definitely use it again, and am hearing a lot of positive feedback from our patients. I think with a little effort, this thing is going to really take off!"

- Paula, Smyrna, TN

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