About InstyMeds

InstyMeds provides an automated system, much like a bank ATM, which dispenses prescription medications directly to patients at the point-of-care. These dispensers are designed for outpatient use and typically sit in the waiting area of an emergency department or urgent care clinic.

InstyMeds dramatically improves prescription fill rates and reduces the downstream costs associated with patient noncompliance.  In addition, InstyMeds offers a level of convenience to enhance patient satisfaction and give health care facilities a competitive edge.

With over two million prescription medications dispensed, InstyMeds' mission is to make patients better, quicker, by providing immediate access to acute medications. InstyMeds Corporation, a Minnesota based company, was founded in 1999 and has been dispensing medications since 2001.



InstyMeds is in business to implement methods allowing for rapid & convenient delivery of acute medications to make patients better, quicker. We will tirelessly endeavor to make antibiotic and pain relief medications available to all people at all times.


RedPharm Drug VAWD accredited wholesaler

VAWD logoVAWD identifies legitimate and legally operating wholesale distributors and verifies compliance with state and federal laws for wholesale distribution to protect the public from the threat of counterfeit drugs, which could infiltrate the United States medication supply.






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